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Missing Out of the Box Entities


All of my custom entities seem to be exporting correctly, but along with any of the Miscellaneous Privileges, I'm also not seeing the following out of the box entities:
  • Application File
  • Attribute Map
  • Calendar
  • Customer Relationship
  • Customizations
  • Data Import
  • Entity
  • Entity Map
  • Field
  • Field Sharing
  • Follow
  • Import Job
  • Import Source File
  • Option Set
  • Plug-In Assembly
  • Plug-In Profile
  • Plug-In Type
  • Post
  • Process Configuration
  • SDK Message
  • SDK Message Processing Step
  • SDK Message Processing Step Image
  • SDK Message Processing Step Secure Configuration
  • Service Endpoint
  • System Form
  • System Job
  • User Dashboard
  • User Entity UI Settings
  • User Entity Instance Data
  • User Settings
  • Web Resource
  • Web Wizard
  • Web Wizard Access Privilege
  • Wizard Page


deepeshsomani wrote Dec 28, 2014 at 3:14 PM

I have made necessary changes. Not all entities are exposed via SDK for privileges and hence the tool will be limited to the ones which are.
I am adding the miscellaneous privileges in the next version.